* Brad Linde’s Team Players

November 18, 2019 @ 8:00 pm
Blues Alley
1073 Wisconsin Ave NW
DC 20007
$22 (Plus $12 Minimum and $5 Fees)

Saxophonist Brad Linde may be the most prolific musician in the D.C. jazz scene. He’s been involved in 32 different groups, many under his own leadership, over his last 15 years in D.C., ranging from a band dedicated to free-jazz arrangements of Roger Miller honky-tonk tunes to the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Ensemble in all its majesty and might. In all of them, he tends to work in his love for more free, expressive playing, the harmonic complexity of Duke Ellington and Lennie Tristano, swing, and a more spontaneous spirit from all the musicians.

The Team Players plays original, avant-garde compositions that reference professional sports. The group’s current record, Fore!, draws inspiration from golf; look forward to titles like “Nine Iron (on the 14th green)” and “I played Putt-Putt once… it was fine… .” Two separate sets at 8 and 10 p.m.



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