** Joseph Brotherton + Kelton Norris — CapitalBop’s DC Jazz Loft

This Sunday’s edition of the DC Jazz Loft — our original grassroots series for creative improvised music — features two ubiquitous figures on the DC jazz scene. 

Trumpeter Joseph Brotherton holds it down every Wednesday at Jojo on U Street, hosting an eclectic session that features hard-hitting groove adaptations of jazz standards alongside spoken word, Afrobeat and even stand-up comedy. But Brotherton is tirelessly present in D.C. music, and his bold, clear tone on the trumpet can be heard across the District in bars, clubs and concert venues.

Drummer Kelton Norris isn’t a big fan of the spotlight, but his undeniable ability on his instrument takes him there more often than you’d think. Norris is young, but you can hear him on the bandstand with giants of D.C. jazz like Michael Bowie and Allyn Johnson, executing everything from deep, Blakey-like swing to slick drum & bass grooves. We don’t know what to expect from this rare appearnce by Norris as a leader, but we know it’ll be good — come find out with us on Sunday.

Like always, the loft gets going at 7 p.m., and it’s at Rhizome DC, just steps from the Takoma Metro stop. There will be potluck food and drink available. There are no tickets; just a suggested donation of $10, 100% of which goes directly to the artists.

Any musicians who come out are encouraged to bring their instruments; the night will end in an open jam, and anything can happen at the loft.



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Jamie is an arts organizer and musician with a background in music composition and performance, writing, improvisation studies, sound and graphic design, and theater. In addition to his leader work as a jazz violinist, he regularly takes part in cross-genre collaborations up and down the east coast. Jamie is a native of Silver Spring, MD, and returned to the area in 2018 after some time in Massachusetts, where he assisted the Amherst College Concert Office and the Amherst Symphony Orchestra. He graduated with a degree in music from Amherst College. Reach Jamie at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @wjsandel.

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