** Keith Butler Trio + Abe Mamet

July 14, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Rhizome DC
6950 Maple St NW

After a month of big shows, it’s time for CapitalBop to get back to our roots. The July DC Jazz Loft will feature two fresh — but increasingly well respected — faces on the scene: drummer Keith Butler and hornist Abe Mamet. Each is bringing a trio and an off-the-beaten-track musical vision of his own.

Come to Rhizome DC on Sunday, July 14, for an evening of music, community and home-cooked food. The show is all-ages and donations-only; 100 percent of your door donations go directly to the artists performing.

Full announcement: https://www.capitalbop.com/keith-butler-and-abe-mamet-dc-jazz-loft/



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Jamie is an arts organizer and musician with a background in music composition and performance, writing, improvisation studies, sound and graphic design, and theater. In addition to his leader work as a jazz violinist/bassist, he regularly takes part in cross-genre collaborations up and down the east coast. A DMV native, Jamie recently returned to the area after some time in Massachusetts, where he assisted the Amherst College Concert Office and the Amherst Symphony Orchestra. He graduated with a degree in music from Amherst College. Reach Jamie at jamie@capitalbop.com. Follow him at @wjsandel.