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  1. Gio,
    Congrats on rapid progress to get this up an running.
    The ‘calendar’ is a great resource, no doubt labor intensive. Vast improvement over that endless drone by Marilyn Cliff (sp?) on her Sat. nite folkmusic NPR show of ALL the venues in 3 state area, etc.
    Speaking of venues, you undoubedly know Wash Post weekend section (E.g.Nov. 19) at pp. 10 and 11 notes ALexandra, Takoma Park, Germantown jazz places, etc.
    Your opening lines of Willis review (undulations, urban grit and celestial….) get my high marks!! Good luck going forward. Sherm
    PS ask Mom and Dad about Black Fox last Sat. nite if they haven’t already ‘shared’. s

    Sherman Katz /

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