Tom Oren wins the 2018 Thelonious Monk competition

Tom Oren, a 24-year-old pianist from Tel Aviv, Israel, was named the winner on Monday of the 2018 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition at the Kennedy Center. He topped two other finalists: the 21-year-old Isaiah Thompson of West Orange, N.J., who won second place, and the 31-year-old Maxime Sanchez of Tolouse, France. They’d emerged from […]

CapitalBop Relaunches the DC Jazz Loft! Join us Dec. 16 at Rhizome

Jazz flourishes in the most unlikely spaces, and it’s always been a huge part of our mission at CapitalBop to make sure jazz continues to exist in radical, off-the-beaten-path rooms. The music just comes out differently there. More directly. Better. That’s why we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce we’ve found a perfect home for […]

Watch Sarah Marie Hughes perform at our Spotlight Residency

Our Spotlight artist-in-residence in October was Sarah Marie Hughes, a daring alto saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist who is emerging as an important leader on the DMV’s creative music scene. Hughes’ residency spanned three nights, including a Conduction workshop at Sitar Arts Center and two shows in the intimate upstairs room at Local 16. The video below, […]

Hear the debut single from Akua Allrich and Kris Funn’s Idol Beings

Vocalist Akua Allrich and bassist Kris Funn have performed together for years around the D.C. jazz scene. Funn is one of the most consistent members of the Tribe, Allrich’s backing group, and they have played here and there in an intimate duo configuration. So it comes as little surprise that they are teaming up for […]

Michael Bowie brings two kinds of groove to our Spotlight Residency

In a city often known as a “bass town” for the huge amount of talented bassists that have lived and worked here over the years, Michael Bowie stands out as one of the most exciting and most respected. He’s also one of D.C.’s most creatively ambitious musicians on any instrument, in any genre. That’s why […]

Students and CapitalBop

Ever since CapitalBop was founded almost a decade ago, we have been fighting to make sure that everyone in D.C. has a place in our jazz scene. Young people are the future of the music, and it’s absolutely essential that they have spaces to listen, learn, and play life-changing music. How can I get involved? […]