D.C. pianist James Fernando is a semi-finalist in a worldwide jazz competition

James Fernando, a rising jazz pianist and composer, is representing the District as one of 50 semi-finalists in the 7 Virtual Jazz Club Global Competition. Fernando was selected as a semi-finalist after submitting his video to a panel of judges; advancement to the finals will be partly determined by the number of “likes” the video […]

Best D.C. Jazz Albums of 2020

Over the past 10 years on the D.C. jazz scene, we’ve seen venues come and go. We’ve seen elders pass on, as well as a steady influx of fresh young voices and ideas. All the while the music continues to grow and change, right along with the ever-gentrifying landscape of Washington, D.C. But the coronavirus […]

Hear these four just-released D.C. jazz albums

Fall 2020: We’re rounding the seventh month of a generation-defining pandemic; U.S. social and political tensions are coming to a head; and artists, like always, are seeking new ways to inspire, persevere, and resist. Sometimes, that’s through direct political action — catch D.C.’s artists on the streets calling on Mayor Bowser to save D.C. venues — and […]

The legend of Yahya Abdul-Majid

Yahya Abdul-Majid was a musician with an intense air of mystery about him. I had often heard stories of his influence around the scene in D.C., especially from those interested in more adventurous approaches to jazz. From what I could gather, Yahya was a saxophonist who represented a meeting between the mysticisms of Trane and […]

The DC JazzFest returns this weekend in digital form

In a normal year, the DC Jazz Festival hosts hundreds of talented artists in performances at venues around the District for over a week in June. The pandemic prevented the festival from taking place as usual this year, but its organizers have put together a five-day virtual version that will begin on Thursday and run […]
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