D.C. Jazz Loft Series preview: The sounds of Red Door (AUDIO)

Elijah Jamal Balbed, who will perform next month at CapitalBop's D.C. Jazz Loft Series, leads his quartet at Red Door on May 8. Giovanni Russonello/CapitalBop

by Giovanni Russonello
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In just nine days, the D.C. Jazz Loft Series at the DC Jazz Fest gets underway. From the sights and sounds of things at the most recent D.C. Jazz Loft at Red Door, you’re not going to want to miss these four shows.

To whet your eardrums, we’re posting three tracks from that last loft, which was held on May 8, including two from local acts that will be performing at the series next month and one from the nationally renowned Chicago prog-jazz band Starlicker’s amazing set.

Elijah Jamal Balbed will be leading his hard-bop quintet to open the festival’s finale performance on June 11, headlined by the famous JD Allen Trio. The night before that, local free-jazz outfit OOO will open up for the Darius Jones Trio, an important new group that toys with tibre, tempo and staggering melodies. Both Balbed and OOO’s tracks are available for streaming and download below. Starlicker’s is only for the listening. (Note that OOO appeared at the May 8 loft in an expanded, six-member iteration; on June 10, the band will be back in its typical trio format.) Enjoy!

“Imanust,” Elijah Jamal Balbed Quartet
Elijah Jamal Balbed, tenor saxophone and composition; Samir Moulay, guitar; Eliot Seppa, bass; Sam Praither, drums
[audio:https://www.capitalbop.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Elijah-Balbed-Quartet-2.mp3|titles=Elijah Balbed Quartet – “Imanust”]

[Untitled excerpt], OOO OOO
Aaron Martin, alto saxophone; Mike Sebastian, tenor saxophone; Brandon Moses, electric guitar; Luke Stewart, bass; Scott Verrastro, drums; Sam Lohman, drums
[audio:https://www.capitalbop.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/OOO-OOO-cut.mp3|titles=(Untitled excerpt), OOO OOO]

“Double Demon,” Starlicker
Rob Mazurek, trumpet; Jason Adasiewicz, vibraphone; John Herndon, drums
[audio:https://www.capitalbop.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Starlicker-1.mp3|titles=”Double Demon,” Starlicker]

D.C. Jazz Loft Series tickets are discounted if you buy them online, and you can RSVP on Facebook to each of our events here, and let your friends know you’re attending: Tomas Fujiwara & the Hook Up at the Fridge; Jolley Brothers at Red Door; Darius Jones Trio at Red Door; and JD Allen at Subterranean A.

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