Here are 25 D.C. jazz musicians you can support during Bandcamp’s online fundraiser on Friday

As artists in the DMV deal with concert cancellations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, fans are looking for ways to financially support them. One small solution comes from Bandcamp, the online music store; this Friday, it is directing all of its revenue share from music sales to the artists and labels that use their service.

Many local artists offer their entire catalogs for sale on the site. So do locally based labels like Cuneiform Records and Atlantic Rhythms. Fans can buy albums for their own collections, of course, or they can also buy and send albums or tracks to others as gifts.

Normally, Bandcamp takes a 15-percent cut of sales, plus processing fees — but the store is entirely waiving its share for 24 hours (from 3 a.m. Friday to 3 a.m. Saturday: midnight-to-midnight in California) in response to the coronavirus.

So here are 25 local artists whose records we’d like to suggest you consider supporting. (Not that they’re the only ones who could use your patronage, though.)

Elijah Jamal Balbed – full discography

Simone Baron – The Space Between Disguises

Abinnet Berhanu and Hebret Musica – Abinnet Berhanu & Hebret Musica

Blacks’ Myths – Blacks’ Myths

Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra – Bohemiana: The compositions and arrangements of Dan Roberts, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Amy K. Bormet – full discography 

Brother Ah – full discography

Keith Butler Trio – Greener Grases

Jenna Camille – full discography

Coy Fish – Coy Fish

Kris Funn – full discography

Lafayette Gilchrist – Dark Matter 

Shannon Gunn – full solo discography / full discography with the Bullettes 

Jack Kilby – full discography

Janel Leppin – full discography

Brad Linde – full discography

Todd Marcus – full discography

Mark G. Meadows – full discography

The New World – Friendship Adventure

Anthony Pirog – Palo Colorado Dream

Victor Provost – Bright Eyes

Nicole Saphos – full discography

David Schulman – full discography

Veronneau – Live at Lubber Run

Editor’s note: Patrick Jarenwattananon, CapitalBop’s managing editor, has written for Bandcamp Daily, a publication affiliated with the streaming service.



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