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In the midst of his stirring free jazz set, saxophonist Aaron Martin pauses to listen to the rhythm section in his Tri-O Trio (OOO). Giovanni Russonello/CapitalBop

by Giovanni Russonello and Kyoko Takenaka
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Thanks to everyone who braved the cold last night, the D.C. Jazz Loft was a resounding, swingin’ success. Five wildly diverse jazz groups, chock full of the top local talent, played mind-expanding music, and it all culminated in an open jam led by U Street’s finest. Videos of full performances are forthcoming, but in the meantime enjoy these shots from the loft. 

Bassist Kevin Pace of the Bobby Muncy Quintet, a group of post-bop composers. Giovanni Russonello/CapitalBop

Guitarist Ed Ricart and drummer Sam Lohman of Matta Gawa sizzle through a set of acerbic hard rock fusion. Giovanni Russonello/CapitalBop

Luke Stewart, a producer of the loft and staff writer at CapitalBop, bows the undercurrents for reedist/poet Elliott Levin's free-jazz trio. Kyoko Takenaka/CapitalBop

Trombonist Reginald Cyntje of the U St. All-Stars solos as drummer Allen Jones swings. Giovanni Russonello/CapitalBop

Alto saxophonist Brent Birckhead soars on Wayne Shorter's "Witch Hunt." Kyoko Takenaka/CapitalBop

Cyntje wails while pianist Noble Jolley, trumpeter Joe Herrera and tenor saxophonist Elijah Jamal Balbed look on. Kyoko Takenaka/CapitalBop

*correction: Allen Jones’ name was written incorrectly. The error has been corrected.



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