At our next Traveling Loft, Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble presents the Afrofuturist suite ‘Mandorla Awakening’

We’re thrilled to continue our quarterly Traveling Loft series by presenting one of today’s most important and prolific musicians: flutist and composer Nicole Mitchell. She’ll appear with her eight-piece Black Earth Ensemble in a special concert on Feb. 11 at Capital Fringe. Also on the bill is one of D.C.’s finest musicians, the improvising cellist […]

Christie Dashiell’s ‘Time All Mine’

Christie Dashiell’s Time All Mine is a smooth melding of the old and new. On her debut solo album, the vocalist gives a poised performance, her control reminiscent of the late Sarah Vaughn but with a contemporary pop twist. She covers songs like Lil Wayne’s How to Love with a glistening, sultry feel. One of […]

Mark G. Meadows’ ‘To the People’

On the title track of his third album, To the People, the pianist and vocalist Mark G. Meadows sings, “No time to lose / Let’s spread the news… / And bring love to the people / Joy to the people.” It’s a powerful rallying cry on an LP of charged, heralding anthems. It’s also an […]

David Schulman and Quiet Life Motel’s ‘Anhinga’

The role of the violin in contemporary music has always been challenging. Achieving virtuosity on it is one thing, but it can be difficult to relevantly apply an instrument with such historical and cultural baggage. Of course, in dedicated and creative hands, the violin can and does serve to enhance arrangements and even shine. Definitely […]

Dwayne Adell’s ‘The Periodic Table of Tonal Elements’

Simply put, Dwayne Adell is genius. A true and singular genius, unlike any other person alive. He is a modern-day Art Tatum on the piano, a musician who doesn’t necessarily “know” music — its theory and practices, in an academic sense (he doesn’t read music) — but who simply hears music clearly in his own […]

Tarus Mateen’s ‘Arising Saints’

Tarus Mateen is best known as a member of Jason Moran’s famous Bandwagon trio, but his bass playing has graced records by a striking array of artists: Outkast, Christina Aguilera, Marc Cary, Betty Carter. Rough and rambunctious, Mateen’s attack on the fretless electric is constantly venturesome, but never sacrifices sturdiness or force. While jazz bassists […]

CapitalBop’s best D.C. jazz albums of 2016

D.C.’s jazz scene has long been a bastion of straight-ahead tradition, but these days it’s quickly expanding its definitions and its modes of expression. The albums on this list are a testament to that. You’ll find recordings of electrified nonconformity as well as traditionalist rigor. More than one album on here blends the influence of […]