* Elijah Easton Trio

February 24, 2020 @ 8:00 pm
Harlot D.C.
2001 11th St NW
DC 20001

Elijah Easton is one of the DMV’s most awe-inspiring young talents, but a Google search on him won’t turn up much. Like many of D.C.’s great artists, Easton has built his career confidently but quietly, embedded deep within the city’s music community, doing the work, waiting patiently for the rewards to come as they will. You can find Easton at the center of many of D.C.’s most exciting musical projects: the future-funk of Nag Champa; the go-go fusion of Marc Cary’s Indigenous People; the hard-hitting postbop of Joe Brotherton’s Wednesday-night hang at JoJo.

He used to host an incredible residency on Tuesdays at Service Bar with Tarus Mateen on bass and Dana J. Hawkins on drums. Their, he established a sound for his group, developing some signature, hard-hitting versions of jazz standards that incorporated funk, go-go, jazz fusion, drum-and-bass and more.

That group now plays at Harlot D.C., in the former Tap & Parlor space, every Monday.



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