Watch Kris Funn & CornerStore perform ‘Who They Wish I Was’ at the Spotlight Residency

For raw, supercharged jazz fusion in the DMV, Kris Funn’s CornerStore is a one-stop shop. This just-dropped live video from March’s Spotlight Residency is all the proof you need.

The tune, originally composed for Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah’s self-titled 2012 album, features John Lee (gtr) and Quincy Phillips (dr) taking shredding solos. Watch the full version below or on our YouTube channel, and subscribe to keep up-to-date on CapitalBop’s latest releases.



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Jamie is an arts organizer and musician with a background in music composition and performance, writing, improvisation studies, sound and graphic design, and theater. In addition to his leader work as a jazz violinist/bassist, he regularly takes part in cross-genre collaborations up and down the east coast. A DMV native, Jamie recently returned to the area after some time in Massachusetts, where he assisted the Amherst College Concert Office and the Amherst Symphony Orchestra. He graduated with a degree in music from Amherst College. Reach Jamie at Follow him at @wjsandel.

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