News | HR-57 to reopen on Mar. 16 (RETRACTED)

HR-57 has left its 14th St. NW location, shown above, and will reopen on H St. NE. Giovanni Russonello/CapitalBop

by Giovanni Russonello
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Update (3/15/11 5:20 p.m.): Plans have changed at HR-57. See our new post for a full update.

Update (3/15/11 2:04 p.m.):As the reported day of HR-57’s reopening draws near (it’s tomorrow), I have tried to contact club owner Tony Puesan, but he has not responded. (This marks approximately my fifth failed attempt to ask Puesan about the reopening.) There is still no indication from HR’s management that the club’s reopening date is tomorrow, but no one has definitively stated that it will remain closed.

This just in: Tony Puesan has reportedly said that he will reopen HR-57 next week, on Mar. 16, after approximately two months of delay.

The hold-up was due to an unanticipatedly slow process of procuring a liquor license, according to Dr. Stefan Immler, a documentarian working on a film about jazz in D.C. who has spoken with Puesan and drummer Jimmy “Junebug” Jackson, who regularly performs at HR.

The license has now been granted, and next week Puesan will open the club at its new location, 816 H St. NE., Immler said.

More info on the opening is forthcoming.

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Puesan told CapitalBop in November that he was hoping to also open a separate blues venue in the H St. NE neighborhood. More news on this question will also be arriving shortly.

Update: A commenter identifying as HR-57’s manager has posted in the comments section, clarifying that the club is not yet ready to officially confirm the reopening date. “[W]e can only do so much when it comes to the dc gov.,” the commenter writes. It bears noting that our post was written based on only one source, as we indicated above. We will continue to update the article as we learn more and get further confirmation or refutation.



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    This article is just hear saywe will post the actual re-opeaning day on our website very soon we apologize for the delay but we can only do so much when it comes to the dc gov.
    Rafael Puesan
    Manager of HR-57

    Rafael Puesan /

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