Riffin’ with Brad Linde: Our next listening session at the Atlas, before ‘A Night at the Bopera’ pays tribute to the Marx Brothers

In the canon of American comedy, perhaps no pair is more celebrated than the Marx Brothers. Popular during a time of global turmoil and uncertainty, they were also at the helm of a lasting cultural upheaval in America. It was propelled by the emerging popularity of film, radio and jazz. The whimsical puns of Groucho, Cheecho and Harpo might not have been as funny were it not for the support of orchestrated jazz. Well-timed and always swinging, the music was inseparable from the act.

“A Night at the Bopera” is a nod to this tradition. Talented local saxophonist and bandleader Brad Linde has put together an expanded version of his regular chamber ensemble for the occasion. The project was originally conceived through his collaborations with the legendary vibraphonist Teddy Charles. It will now be realized in this special performance, honoring the work of some of the most iconic names in American cinema—full of bleeps, bloops, and bops.

Before the show, we’ll be speaking to Linde for our latest installation of Riffin’: CapitalBop Listening Sessions at the Atlas. As usual, this Riffin’ session is really just our effort to put you, the audience, in conversation with the performer. We’ll watch videos of music that has inspired Linde, and open up a dialogue about it. These sessions are always a blast—come out and find out what makes one of D.C.’s most irrepressible musical minds tick.

The free Riffin’ session is at 7 p.m. The show costs $28 (or $22 for students), and it starts at 8. The Atlas is located at 1333 H St. NE.



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