Watch Sarah Marie Hughes perform at our Spotlight Residency

Our Spotlight artist-in-residence in October was Sarah Marie Hughes, a daring alto saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist who is emerging as an important leader on the DMV’s creative music scene. Hughes’ residency spanned three nights, including a Conduction workshop at Sitar Arts Center and two shows in the intimate upstairs room at Local 16.

The video below, shot by Caleb Hargett, showcases a short and scintillating moment in the sonic explorations that Hughes got into over that weekend. In this clip, Hughes is featured on vocal effects, Sam Burt plays the daxophone, and Ino Aksentiev transitions from the guzheng to the drum set.

The central purpose of the Spotlight Residency is to shine a light on the innovative, original music that D.C. improvisers are making, day in and day out. To that end we release a music video after each Spotlight Residency, capturing some fraction of the performances’ live power.

But as always, the best way to hear this music is in person. So make sure to subscribe to our email list to keep up with all our goings-on, and don’t miss our next Spotlight Residency (Nov. 24-25, featuring the D.C. bass master Michael Bowie), or any of our other upcoming shows!



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