Show announcement | This Sunday: D.C.’s greatest piano virtuoso Dwayne Adell at the D.C. Jazz Loft!

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by Luke Stewart and Giovanni Russonello
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This weekend we’re planning an excellent jazz loft, featuring three very talented and singular bandleaders. We’re very excited to announce that the virtuoso pianist Dwayne Adell, a straight-ahead master who should be world-famous for his natural talent and expressive rigor, will be performing. We’ve been trying to book this guy for more than a year, and it finally worked out – we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Joining Adell on the bill are Dante Pope, a powerhouse drummer and vocalist, and the bassist Blake Meister. This show will be a thriller, featuring three musicians with very different, masterful approaches. Come listen at Chez Billy, where there’s a full bar and an excellent menu. The doors open at 7 p.m. and the music will run until 11; as always, we suggest a $15 donation to the musicians. See you on Sunday!



Dwayne Adell is quite possibly the greatest pianist in the Washington, D.C. area. He is arguably the greatest pianist on the East Coast. He is known as a savant, similar to Art Tatum – able to hear music and play it back on his instrument with stark accuracy, plus an improvised personal twist for good measure. He is well versed in all piano styles, from stride to bebop to classical. Adell has received accolades from icons such as Herbie Hancock.  He is truly a one-of-a-kind musician. [words by Luke Stewart]


Hailing from his hometown of Chicago, drummer Dante Pope has quickly garnered the respect of the D.C. jazz community. His skills and musicality on the instrument are undeniable, as is his willingness to work in many different styles. You may see him one night swinging straight-ahead, only to find him later on at a jam session with a DJ. Catch him at the loft leading a group of his own. Who knows what will be heard? [LS]


Blake Meister, who recently joined the faculty of Baltimore’s Peabody Institute, his alma mater, isn’t just a top-shelf bassist. He is a remarkable bandleader, too, with a guileful compositional sense. His debut album, released last year, features some of the best jazz musicians on the planet (including Gary Thomas and Ralph Peterson). CapitalBop named it the best album of 2012. Here he brings an expert ensemble, including Todd Simon and Nate Jolley.
[words by Giovanni Russonello]



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