Video | D.C. Jazz Loft Series preview: Nasheet Waits discusses the Tarbaby mission

Nasheet Waits will perform with Tarbaby this weekend at CapitalBop's D.C. Jazz Loft Series. Courtesy Bob Doran/flickr

by Giovanni Russonello
Editorial board

We’re just two days away from the DC Jazz Festival (CapitalBop will post a full preview of that later this week), which means that CapitalBop’s D.C. Jazz Loft Series at the festival is almost upon us. This weekend, we’ll host two consecutive performances at local galleries by some of the country’s most impressive, inventive musicians. On Friday, the loft series kicks off at the Dunes, with a performance by the Todd Marcus Jazz Ensemble and D.C.’s Christie Dashiell Quartet (a video preview for that is coming shortly). Then on Saturday, the New York City-based super trio Tarbaby is at the Fridge alongside the District’s Kris Funn & Corner Store.

Tarbaby features pianist Orrin Evans, bassist Eric Revis and drummer Nasheet Waits — all eminent stars who breezily blend hard-edged experimentalism with the music’s roots in bebop, big-band swing and New Orleans jazz. They throw their talent and synergy toward addressing some of the country’s stubbornest sins, as in “Jena 6” and “Tar Baby.” It’s cathartic, rhythmically powerful, jarringly beautiful stuff.

In this video, Waits talks with CapitalBop at his music studio in New York, discussing the group’s energy and what Tarbaby seeks to convey with its music. Head over to CapitalBop’s Facebook page and share this video, and you’ll be automatically entered to win a pair of free tickets to Tarbaby’s show at the Fridge on Saturday.



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