Video | Our campaign to fund the D.C. Jazz Loft Series is down to the wire; support it & get rewards!

The Kickstarter campaign to help us bring innovative jazz shows to D.C. going down to the wire.

by Giovanni Russonello and Luke Stewart
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As you might have noticed, next month will bring CapitalBop’s biggest live music moment to date. We’re creeping into the DC Jazz Festival under the cloak of night (don’t worry – they know we’re there) and setting up DIY-esque jazz loft shows at alternative venues around D.C.

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We’re extremely excited about this, especially because these four shows will go above and beyond all of our past D.C. Jazz Lofts: They’ll feature fabulous New York City-based innovators J.D. Allen, Darius Jones and Tomas Fujiwara in double-bills with local stars.

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But to make it all happen, we really need your help. Please take a moment to check out the informational video below, and see if you’d be willing to pledge to our Kickstarter campaign. All the money we raise will be used strictly to pay and accommodate the musicians. (We never take any money from our lofts.) The fundraising drive is down to the wire, and we need your help!

Remember, there’s a variety of rewards you can earn by donating, and they’re all cumulative:

$10 – downloadable mixtape
$20 – ticket to a show
$35 – signed Tomas Fujiwara CD
$50 – all-access pass
$75 – t-shirt autographed by all headliners
$100 – free ad space on

And please spread the word. Here’s a shortlink: Below is the full schedule of the series’ performances:

June 3 – Tomas Fujiwara & the Hook Up with the Brian Settles Trio (at the Fridge)
June 4 – Jolley Brothers with the Amy K. Bormet Trio (at Red Door)
June 10 – Darius Jones Trio with OOO (at Red Door)
June 11 – J.D. Allen Trio with the Elijah Jamal Balbed Quintet (at Subterranean A)

Tickets are available for direct purchase at



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