Video | The Brian Settles Trio blows your mind, and other highlights from February’s D.C. Jazz Loft

Saxophonist Brian Settles debuted a new trio, featuring Tarus Mateen and Tiacoh Sadia, at the last D.C. Jazz Loft, drawing an exuberant response. Carlyle V. Smith/CapitalBop

by Giovanni Russonello and Luke Stewart
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Gearing up for CapitalBop’s third D.C. Jazz Loft this Sunday, we thought the time was right to share some of the amazing music and art that got passed around at Red Door during the previous loft. That was almost two months ago, but the music is still fresh and brimming in our memories. As it is in these audio recordings and this video compilation – which has clips of all four acts at the last loft.

The Brian Settles Trio undeniably ran away with the show – Settles’ saxophone mastery was augmented by globally renowned bassist Tarus Mateen and globe-trotting drummer Tiacoh Sadia. This group had never played together before, so spontaneity and bold experimentation reigned throughout its set. It was clear that the tunnels these experts were traveling were unfamiliar even to them. That’s why it was such a mind-mashing experience – the trio shot a contagious sense of kinetic abandon throughout the room. The video and audio below capture at least some of that energy.

Other audio clips available for download are the U St. All-Stars’ wailing take on “A Night in Tunisia” (things really heat up at 1:40, when the solo section opens) and a poem recited by Charles Rahmat Woods of the avant-free quartet D.C. Love Orchestra. (The Brad Linde Quartet’s thrilling set of post-cool-jazz innovation wasn’t caught on record. Bummer!) Updated 4.7.11 1:25 p.m.: Despite our own technical issues, Brad Linde caught his quartet’s performance on tape. The group’s free improvisation is now available below.



“A Night in Tunisia,” U St. All-Stars
Joe Herrera, trumpet; Brent Birckhead, alto saxophone; Elijah Jamal Balbed, tenor saxophone; Reginald Cyntje, trombone; Rodney Richardson, guitar; Hope Udobi, keyboard; Blake Meister, bass; Nate Jolley, drums.
[audio:|titles=”A Night in Tunisia”|artists=U St. All-Stars]
“Untitled,” Brian Settles Trio
Brian Settles, tenor saxophone; Tarus Mateen, bass; Tiacoh Sadia, drums
[audio:|titles=”Untitled”|artists=Brian Settles Trio]
“Spirit of the Clan People,” read by Charles Rahmat Woods
Charles Rahmat Woods, voice
[audio:|titles=”Spirit of the Clan People”|artists=Charles Rahmat Woods]
“Untitled (Free Improvisation),” Brad Linde Quartet
Sarah Hughes, alto saxophone; Brad Linde, tenor saxophone; Tom Baldwin, bass; Tony Martucci, drums
[audio:|titles=”Untitled (Free Improvisation)”|artists=Brad Linde Quartet]

CapitalBop’s third D.C. Jazz Loft takes place at 7 p.m. this Sunday, Apr. 10. Red Door is located at 443 I St. NW. Brian Settles will perform a solo set, and Tiacoh Sadia will lead his own quartet, among other acts. Also, visit for information on our exciting D.C. Jazz Loft Series at the DC Jazz Festival this summer; tickets are available, and donations to our Kickstarter campaign can earn you special prizes.



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