Our new CB Sessions video features Nicole Saphos’ unreleased song ‘Tryin’ to Be’

Nicole Saphos doesn’t need a stage, lights or amplifiers to deliver a powerful performance. I found that out for myself last week at Saphos’ Takoma Park home — armed only with a camera, some microphones, and a whole slate of questions about how the young “indie jazz” singer-songwriter developed her unique musical personality.

The result of that hang was the latest video of the CB Sessions, our series that takes a close look at the thoughts and sounds of D.C. jazz musicians. Saphos plays two live sets for an intimate room at Local 16 on U Street this Friday and Saturday as part of CapitalBop’s Spotlight Residency. Don’t miss it: get tickets now, or invite your friends to join you!

Check out the full video below. And don’t forget to subscribe to CapitalBop’s YouTube channel for our latest concert videos, interviews, and more!



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Jamie is an arts organizer and musician with a background in music composition and performance, writing, improvisation studies, sound and graphic design, and theater. In addition to his leader work as a jazz violinist/bassist, he regularly takes part in cross-genre collaborations up and down the east coast. A DMV native, Jamie recently returned to the area after some time in Massachusetts, where he assisted the Amherst College Concert Office and the Amherst Symphony Orchestra. He graduated with a degree in music from Amherst College. Reach Jamie at jamie@capitalbop.com. Follow him at @wjsandel.

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