SHAM and Micah Greenberg present “DECON/RECON,” a mash-up of mixed media and music, featuring the work of a half-dozen innovative local artists. The show is part of a double-exhibition showing at Union Arts & Manufacturing in conjunction with Peter Brötzmann and Joe McPhee’s performance there on June 8 during the third annual D.C. Jazz Loft Series.

“DECON/RECON” launches with a free opening celebration at 9 p.m. on June 7, and stays open for one week, through June 14. Visit Union Arts & Manufacturing at 411 New York Ave. NE, between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

DECON/RECON is presented by Micah Greenberg (former NPR brand strategist, independent producer) and Ra-Jah Kelly (SHAM, LUMEN8ANACOSTIA, the Belmont Legacy). Short for “deconstruction/reconstruction,” DECON/RECON features forward-thinking local artists across genres and generations. The curators’ charge to the artists is to present work that responds to the themes of breakdown and buildup inherent to Peter Brotzmann’s transgressive jazz.

The pieces showcased in DECON/RECON range from Leah Lewis’ small works in resin to Tariq Tucker’s towering abstracts and LED installations. Each artist and their work addresses and rejects traditional form – the deconstruction – with reclaimed material, multimedia presentation and bold abstracts that play with composition and control and create a regenerative process of artistic interpretation and human exchange. Many of the works are informed directly by the music itself, while others respond to space it creates.

Featured artists include:

Nate Lewis – Somophany, Sketch Lounge

Leah Lewis – Somophany, Sketch Lounge

Brandon Hill – The Babychicken, No Kings Collective

Thomas Pipkin – Truth Among Liars

Tim Slayton – Truth Among Liars

Tariq Tucker – Legendary U St. Artist

Tendani Mpulubusi El – Filmmaker, Artist, Activist

Joseph Asher Hale – Artist, Corcoran

Camille Schefter – Artist, Temple