Watch Elijah Easton blow the roof off our pop-up U Street jazz club

Our Spotlight artist-in-residence in January was the powerhouse tenor saxophonist Elijah Easton. He performed two shows with two different versions of his hard-hitting standards trio, who are known for performing jazz classics in a style that is anything but traditional.

The video below, shot by Lauren Honesty, is a perfect example. Easton performs Thelonious Monk’s bebop classic “Evidence” backed up by the wily bass lines of Tarus Mateen and the ballistic groove of Dana Hawkins. This trio gained notoriety for their weekly gig at Service Bar DC, considered to be one of the best hangs in the District during its year-long run.

The central purpose of the Spotlight Residency is to shine a light on the innovative, original music that D.C. improvisers are making, day in and day out. To that end we release a music video after each Spotlight Residency, capturing some fraction of the performances’ live power.

But as always, the best way to hear this music is in person. So make sure to subscribe to our email list to keep up with all our goings-on, and don’t miss our upcoming Spotlights, or any of our other shows!



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